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One of my two upcoming projects for Marvel got mentioned on Newsarama today. I'll be writing four issues of WOLVERINE beginning with February's #61. The story will be spinning out of the huge "Messiah Complex" X-Men event (though honstely you won't need to have read any of that to enjoy my arc) and will be drawn by Ron Garney.

Here's the article, which also contains a few comments from Howard Chaykin about the story he and I did for WOLVERINE #56.


Dent at: 11:59 AM said...

Homo-erotic Wolverine trading cards...

Where was I for this?

I actually just read Wolverine #56 last night. Loved it. I'm looking forward to your run. Congrats.

Tom Mattson at: 5:50 AM said...

Suits responding well to the reaction you got on the one shot eh? Keep nailin' em.

Speedygi at: 4:50 AM said...

This marks your first full series work on a mainstream superhero book, isn't it, Jason?

Jason Aaron at: 9:29 AM said...

Yes, it does. Though February will actually see me doing work on TWO mainstream superhero books. Stay tuned for details.

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