SCALPED update

Writing SCALPED #50 this week. 



Still can't believe that. Never dared imagine we would ever get this far. Thanks as always to everybody out there who's supported the book and spread the word. #50 will be one of those "very special issues." It features two stories, one of which, titled "The Art of Scalping," Guera and I have been kicking around for a very long time. 

Stay tuned.

Jock's cover for SCALPED #49


Swands at: 8:01 AM said...

50 issues in and I think its never been better. Great job Jason & co!

The Creech at: 8:35 PM said...

I congratulate you, I haven't had the chance to read it but I will buy the entire book the last week of february. I have read your wolverine and Ghost Rider comics, I love them. Good luck, and continue doing this amazing job

Anonymous at: 3:05 PM said...

Dude, you're a inspiration. Wonderful series, great writing, amazing art and those covers keep blowing my mind

- Ragnar

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