My name is Jason, I write comics, this is my beard

My Beard -- February 2011, originally uploaded by Jason Aaron.
I am currently writing SCALPED for Vertigo and WOLVERINE, ASTONISHING SPIDER-MAN & WOLVERINE, ULTIMATE COMICS CAPTAIN AMERICA and PUNISHERMAX, all for Marvel. Actually, I've finished writing ASTONISHING and ULTIMATE CAP, but they're not finished coming out. I'm also already in the actual writing or at least planning stages for three other new projects that will be out later this year.

This is where you can see me this year:

March 26-27 -- Planet Comicon, Kansas City
My hometown show. Always a good time here. Also a chance for me to try and empty my basement of comps.

April 1-3 -- WonderCon, San Francisco
First time ever doing this show. Really looking forward to it.

August 20-21 -- Baltimore Comic Con
One of the best shows in the country. Glad to be headed back.

That's all that's confirmed for now. I may add one or two other appearances as the year goes on, but probably not many. I'm trying to keep travel to a minimum this year so I can concentrate on work.

And by "work" I mean watching "Wipeout" and eating Girl Scout cookies by the fistful.


drawmein at: 11:48 AM said...

Ok, I'm now starting to be frightened by the beard.

I might be interested in your first couple of issues of Scalped if you'll have some on hand at Planet Comicon. I've yet to give it a shot and I'd rather have single issues than TPB.

Wish it wasn't still a month away though! Later.

Jason Aaron at: 11:53 AM said...

I will likely have every issue of Scalped ever with me at Planet. The first issue is yours for free.

Kip Casanova at: 12:03 PM said...

Very excited to see that you'll be at Wonder Con this year. If i see you at a bar, I'll buy you a round. Thanks for all the excellent comic reads.

jeff_hotchkiss at: 12:30 PM said...

Very Warren Ellis-y.

The Creech at: 6:06 PM said...

I'd like to see you there, but I'm no t able to travel so far, as I'mm from Mexico city, thtas a porblem, but I just read the first issue of the Scalped series, it's good, I'll buy the rest, good luck with your projects and thanks for that writting you give us

drawmein at: 10:00 AM said...

Sweet! Thanks Jason.

Ganxt at: 1:08 PM said...

You look like the drummer from Killswitch Engage, 'cept his beard is slightly more awesome.

Why does Houston always get shit on as far as Cons and guests go? Very weak, considering the population and general comic fan base here.

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