Lotta SCALPED out today

SCALPED Vol. 7: REZ BLUES is out today, which is the biggest SCALPED trade to date, collecting 8 issues, from the stand-alone issue #35 through the "Unwanted" arc. And the newest issue, #46, the second part of the "You Gotta Sin To Get Saved" arc also hits stores today.

Here's a little soundtrack to enjoy while you check out REZ BLUES. Hope you like.

SCALPED #46 cover byJock


Bruce Castle at: 2:52 AM said...

Great soundtrack, Jason. Like you, I generally don't listen to music when I write, and that goes for reading comics, too. Only in rare circumstances when it's too perfect to pass up, like listening to Ennio Morricone while reading the Saint of Killers miniseries.

I know you've dabbled in talking about music, but do you think you could make a "Where the Hell Am I" column out of it, specifically in regards to music and comics?

Guys like Matt Fraction and Kieron Gillen are on the front lines of that amalgamation. Hell, you are,too. Not just anyone blends Sid Vicious with Vietnam and Tom Waits with Ghost Rider.

And, yes, I did buy "Rez Blues". May my eighteen dollars buy you many a girlscout cookie.

Jason Aaron at: 9:51 AM said...

Great idea for a column, Bruce. Thanks.

Sergei Aguero at: 7:20 PM said...

Howdy Jason, thank you so much for your impressive work. I spent three summers as a youth in the early 90s amidst the Ojibwe in Temagami. That is an old-growth region in northern Ontario recently given to logging. I often think about them and wonder if they are aware of these pertinent books. Such memories are particularly evoked when your collaborative efforts feature characters with their haunting animal spirits. This is just fantastic imagery. I believe there are a few central players whose animal counterparts we have yet to encounter,no? Awesome stuff, thank you again, may your success long continue.

One more question please: Do you or the artist Mr. Guera write the sound effects? Not to take up any more of your time with lengthy explanation; but do you think you could incorporate a "CRAK" or "KRAK" in a future action-sequence?

Peace and Love, Peace and Love!

Jeff at: 7:27 PM said...

I read Rez Blues today, and loved it. I may actually have to switch over to "both mode", as in reading the monthlies as well as the trades now. All I thought when I got to the end was, "MORE MORE MORE..."

Jason Aaron at: 7:26 PM said...

Sometimes I write sound effects into the script but usually Guera comes up with his own. I'll try to work a KRAK in there at some point.

Sergei Aguero at: 8:06 AM said...

Thank you for your acknowledgment and response. I'm a big fan of the sound effects in Scalped. They are my favorite of all time edging out Frank Quitely's recent work in Batman and Robin. His were duly amazing in the way they were incorporated into the action and landscape. Yours, however, have me repeatedly reading and speaking out loud for sheer precision, innovation, variety, and amusement.

Is Mr Guera's other work available at all in the States? In particular, I saw what looked to be pirate illustrations somewhere that were reminiscent of NC Wyeth whose museum and home are located down the road from me. I would love to see more as I am very fond and and familiar with the latter artist. Please tell the former I admire and appreciate his efforts quite a bit too. Your joint signatures are really cool as well. Great thanks to you both again, please don't let this comic and or collaboration end.

Jason Aaron at: 9:25 AM said...

That pirate image was probably from Guera's HOWARD BLAKE graphic novel, which he wrote and drew. Unfortunately it's not presently available in the States. It's well worth it if you can track it down though.

Top Dog at: 6:52 PM said...

Excellent soundtrack. Justin Townes Earle can credit you for two sales on Amazon today.

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