CAR WARRIORS: the greatest comic ever created?

I've never read it, but I'm already guessing yes.

It was written by Chuck Dixon, drawn by my esteemed PunisherMAX collaborator Steve Dillon, and featured a leader character named Chevy Vasquez, AKA Mad Mex. Yes, you want it now too, don't you?

Thanks to PunisherMAX editor Sebastian Girner for the heads up on this.


Marc Bryant at: 9:36 PM said...

I think this was based on a role playing game. I think Phil Winslade actually inked Dillon on this thing.

Jimmy Callaway at: 8:46 PM said...

I found the first issue, and yeah, it's based on a game, and it's got Winslade inks. It's also really pretty good. Now I gotta track down the other three. Thanks for the heads up on this, Jason.

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