SCALPED Vol. 3: DEAD MOTHERS now available

So the third trade paperback of SCALPED is out now, collecting the five part "Dead Mothers" arc drawn by R.M. Guera, as well as a couple of stand-alone issues drawn by John Paul Leon and Davide Furno. Here's what folks are saying:

"SCALPED is consistently one of the best books on the racks. With the third trade available now, it’s an excellent time to pick it up and immerse yourself in a thrillingly complex crime drama, one that dishes up equal parts action and violence, psychological drama, and supernatural elements and Native spirituality."

"Jason Aaron is comics fastest-rising star, and this is his magnum opus (so far). If you haven't yet, go pick up all three volumes of this killer noir comic and get hooked on the adventures of FBI agent Dashiell Shaw, working undercover on his home reservation. Really, really great!"

--Washington Times

Thanks for the kind words, Washington Times, but Dashiell SHAW? Where'd that come from?


Anonymous at: 5:11 PM said...

"Scalped" is a true modern noir classic. I bought the trade (I also buy it in issues because I can't wait six months between visits from Mr. Brass). Anyway, this was a second read through for me and it flat out blew me away. I'm a big crime fiction fan (Ellroy & Pelecanos being the twin totems) and "Scalped" is just excellent work. I live in Hollywood and I just drool at the thought of getting my hands on this and turning it into a movie or HBO series. I hope someone with a lot more power than I do sees the potential here and finds a way to adapt it to the screen. Either way it will live on forever on the printed page.

- Bob

Justin at: 12:43 PM said...


Man, I've just gotta' say that those last four pages of Scalped 22 blew my fucking skull off. That is some of the finest writing I've ever seen. I have a man crush on your writing skills. There is most certainly a bromance developing here, ha!

Keep up the fantastic work!

13 Minutes

Anonymous at: 5:38 PM said...

Haha! Maybe the reviewer had just read Bottomless Belly Button and had Dash Shaw on the brain?

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