Preview of GHOST RIDER #28

My biggest GHOST RIDER arc yet begins here with the long awaited reunion between Johnny Blaze and Danny Ketch, setting the stage for the final battle in the war for Heaven itself. Oh yeah, this one's gonna be fun. Look for it in stores tomorrow.


Niko at: 11:58 AM said...

Good Lord, is it me or is Tan Eng Huat's (sp?) art more astonishing than ever?

Can't wait to read it!

Dan Coyle at: 12:12 AM said...

"I got my own."

Who designed the new Danny Ketch GR? Huat?

Anonymous at: 9:19 AM said...


Despite my dislike of the character, I'm quite enjoying your work on Ghost Rider. The first issue set within the prison was particularly strong.

Getting off the subject a bit, I have a question relating to your past , present, and future Wolverine work. Once your current arc ends, would you be interested in seeing Marvel's collected editions department compile an Omnibus edition of your work on the character thus far? I ask because your first story has, to my knowledge, never been reprinted.

Keep up the good work. Bye for now.



Jason Aaron at: 9:59 AM said...

Javier Saltares, who's drawing the upcoming Danny Ketch mini-series, designed the new Ketch look.

Jason Aaron at: 10:01 AM said...

Hey, Patrick, no plans for a collection of my old Wolvie work, but you will be seeing more new Wolvie stuff from me in the future.

persianp at: 9:13 PM said...

I want to get that 4th page tattooed on my brain...also have you been hanging out with fraction? More Ghost riders around the world has some parallels to more than one Iron Fist.

I'm just sayin'.

Jason Aaron at: 11:37 PM said...

I'd say that Fraction and I are both fans of Alan Moore's SWAMP THING run.

persianp at: 12:32 AM said...

Oh cool, I just picked up alan moores swamp thing. Read the first trade, now it looks like I'll be buying the second even though you may have spoiled it (sarcasm is hard to convey). Although I am on a league kick right now...

The issue was awesome though, can't wait for more. I have converted my hard to convert friends over to your books. Most things you write rock.

Also wanted to make a correction, it's the 5th page I want tattoed on my brain; imagine my embarassment showing up at the parlor and walking out with the wrong tattoo.

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