"Just a Little Old Fashioned Justice"

Just the other day it was announced that I'm doing an American Eagle story that'll only be available online to subscribers of Marvel's Digital Comics service. Just to clear up any misconceptions, this is a one-time 8 page story, not an ongoing project. It's a kick-ass little story though, with gorgeous art by Richard Isanove, and it features a Marvel villain I've been dying to write.

For more info, check out this interview I did with Vaneta from Newsarama:



Sandra at: 12:12 PM said...

Arrrgh! Any chance those of us who are not Marvel Digital Subscribers can get our hands on this? I loved that character in the Thunderbolts and have wanted to see more of him. Oh, and the art looks fantastic!

And hey, the Wolverine: Manifest Destiny #1 finally arrived! Yea!

Anonymous at: 1:24 PM said...

There's not so long time ago I had asked you if you were thinking write an American Eagle' story...
looks like I'm fullfilled !
I'm not registered at Marvel Digital Unlimited ahaha...
Anyway I hope that Marvel will do more of this character...



Anonymous at: 1:32 PM said...

I absolutely love Cottonmouth and can't wait to read your story! Any love for the Serpent Society earns writers a place in my heart. <3

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