Would you buy a comic from either of these guys?

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Planet Comicon Report: Met lots of fans and signed lots of books. Also bought lots of books from the fifty cent boxes, including chunks of MARVEL TWO-IN-ONE and MARVEL TEAM-UP and some issues of THE BLACK HOOD with sweet Alex Toth covers. Great getting to chat with Javier Saltares, Ron Wagner, Doselle Young and the guys from Daydreams Comics in Iowa, in addition to the usual gang of clowns and knuckleheads and local-creators-I-pretend-to-respect (yes, Ande Parks was there).

P.S. Matt Fraction and Seth Peck both failed to show up for our scheduled cage match, meaning I retain the title of Kansas City Comic Book Bareknuckle Brawling and Mixed Martial Arts Champion Ass-Kicker for at least another year, and they both earn the new title of "Lilly-Livered Cowards Extraordinaire." For shame.


Mellon at: 12:29 PM said...

ack, that's effin scary.

ghost rider was really effin good, btw... i hate you for making me care about him now.

good work.

Tony at: 5:05 PM said...

You're only "champion" of one thing, and it involves you going through a lot of kneepads and lipgloss.


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