WOLVERINE #64 out today

In which Wolverine gets blown up and Mystique gets naked. 'Nuff said.

I also wrote the backmatter for CRIMINAL this week, and if you're not already reading that series, then you must be crazy (I'm looking at you, Jason Latour).


Steve Ekstrom at: 8:45 PM said...

Can't wait to get home and read this and your work in Criminal #2 tonight.

Great news about Black Panther and SI...look for an e-mail from me in regards to an interview with you and Huston over the X-Force one-shot.

Steve Ekstrom

Greg at: 11:49 AM said...

I only read the books you don't write now. Cheaper that way. Gimme a call when you get in to NY.

Jason Latour at: 7:24 PM said...

You SAW me buy the trades fool!

-J La

Jon The Crime Spree Guy at: 8:14 AM said...

Loved the article you did for Criminal.

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