Can you guess what the highlight of the con was for me?

Meeting Grant Morrison , originally uploaded by Jason Aaron.

More here.


((Ray)) at: 11:42 PM said...

Yeah, you finally got to meet Grant! I remember in San Diego you missed out. Was it the sigil trick?

Seriously, Grant Morrison is a gentleman. From my fan end, I've bumped into him a few times and I find him very approachable and polite (as long as he's not around crowds of thousands)

Hope New York was swell

Wicked aka Tom at: 7:41 AM said...

Nice! If there is one dude out there that I'd love to hear sound off on just about any topic it would be Grant. His way of looking at things is just so unique. Plus with his accent everything he says just sounds cool. :)


Heff at: 12:18 PM said...

Um...finding out you weren't the only bald guy there ?

Cameron Stewart at: 10:59 PM said...

You guys were talking about me, werent you?

Jason Aaron at: 5:30 PM said...

About what a pain in the ass you are, yeah.

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