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About my first issues of GHOST RIDER and WOLVERINE:

So I expected (Jason Aaron's) take on Ghost Rider to be worth reading. But I was wrong. It's far more than just "worth reading." With Ghost Rider #20, Jason Aaron has planted his flag in the Marvel Universe and said, "I will kick your ass with greatness."
Jason Aaron has recast Ghost Rider into what it always promised to be: a badass southern grindhouse rock opera with a demonic angel on a flaming chopper. He's thrown in switchblade nurses and ghouls on the road. He's escalating the comic into something great. And you should start reading it, now.

– Timothy Callahan, author of GRANT MORRISON: THE EARLY YEARS

This isn’t so much a review as it is a public service announcement: for everyone, like me, that thinks Jason Aaron’s The Other Side and Scalped have identified him as one of the best new writers in comics today… and who were just appalled by the idea of him wasting his time on Ghost Rider… well, the plain and simple fact is that we didn’t know what the #@$! we were talking about...(The) plotting is intriguing, the dialog is whip-smart, the supporting cast expertly drawn, and the humor ghoulishly funny... Whether you like Ghost Rider or not is irrelevant here: if you like black-hued supernatural adventure, or if you love Scalped, or if you just want to read the best new voice in mainstream comics today, you’ve got to check out Ghost Rider.
– Rack Raids

Until a few minutes ago, I had never, in my entire life, read a good Ghost Rider comics... (Jason Aaron's Blaze is) basically Howard Beale by way of Sonny Barger. If that doesn't sound like a pretty amazing subject for a story, well I can't do nothing for you... It's just a great read and look, it got me all pumped up. About friggin' Ghost Rider.
– Matt Singer, Termite Art

"An overwrought exercise in pomp and pyrotechnics..."
-- Entertainment Weekly

My editor pointed out that I shouldn't be bummed about the Entertainment Weekly review, since "pomp and pyrotechnics" were pretty much exactly what we were going for.

Scalped creator Jason Aaron returns to Wolverine with issue #62, and it really, really caught me off guard. I absolutely did not expect to like this issue as much as I did... If there's a tinge of the negative in Wolverine #62, it's only that Jason Aaron isn't the new regular writer for the book. He displays a fundamental understanding of the characters and really tells a great opening part to his arc.

Aaron writes the crap out of Wolverine and his Mystique isn’t just an off-again, on-again X-Man, but a viable threat and a crafty killer that can get the better of a guy who can smell her a mile off! The issue has a great self-contained mystery written for smart readers and a cliffhanger that’ll guarantee your purchase of the next, and still features the amazing visuals that the clawed X-Man is known for with Ron Garney doing his best work to date.
– Wizard Universe

Add Jason Aaron to the list of X-writers returning these characters to what they do best as individuals and ensembles. Garney's artwork serves the story well depicting world hopping action and stark violence in clean story-telling style.
-- Comics Bulletin


Karl Ruben at: 8:38 PM said...

Hey, Mr. Aaron. Great to see your first (exclusive) Marvel work getting such fine notices. I caught the Ghost Rider preview over at Newsarama, and was pretty blown away by Mr. Boschi's art. I might have to pick up an issue and check it out. Have Marvel given any signals that they'll be collecting your Wolverine issues?

Pat K at: 9:33 PM said...

I picked up Ghost rider last week, the first issue I ever checked out of the character, and man it was awesome.

Plan on following it for the full run. CMON those scenes in the hospital were so damn cool.

Jason Aaron at: 10:55 PM said...

Have Marvel given any signals that they'll be collecting your Wolverine issues?

I'm sure they will, but I don't know when exactly.

Anonymous at: 7:59 PM said...

Great stuff on Ghost Rider, the art really blew me away. Nice to see something unique in terms of style. Hope to see you and Boschi's stories every 30 days. Never thought I'd see the day when Ghost Rider became a must-buy but here I am.

Michael Cowgill at: 7:01 PM said...

Yeah, so I'm one of those people who never thought he'd read Ghost Rider. A guy on a motorcycle reminds me too much of too many late seventies/early eighties TV shows, you know, how almost any "drama" at the time at some point had a biker gang episode?

Well, just like Brubaker and Fraction got me to read Iron Fist, you got me. I the gun-toting nurses edged me there, but for some reason "Next Issue: 'Machine Gun Nurses-A-Go-Go or A Montana Mountain Muder Mystery Starring Deputy Kowalski'" put it over the top.

Steve Ekstrom at: 5:42 PM said...

Honestly--you've produced the most readable solo Wolverine content in the past 15 years, Jason.

The character had seemingly become a parody of himself in the past few years...and well, I was absolutely floored by this recent issue. I've been recommending it to everyone I know and the people who had abandoned ship with me over the past several years.

Nice work.

Steve Ekstrom

((Ray)) at: 2:31 AM said...

Hi, kind of late in posting but here I am.

Jason, I usually avoid buying all Marvel books, especially X-Men, but today at the bookstore I read your Wolverine out of idle curiosity.

This was great stuff. Much more intriguing than the Howard Chaykin issue no offense, a crafty complex story with so much wit and energy. Finally Wolverine is believably tough! Very good story-telling, jumping back in forth in the timelines, good essence of Afghanistan you caught, and you successfully threw me off with the murdering Wolvie in the beginning. I'm anxiously awaiting.

Honestly, I have not cared about Wolverine since like the early 90s, and here I am enthralled.

Make Marvel publish the graphic novel BEFORE the issues come out and I'll buy it!

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