SCALPED Vol. 2 trade paperback

Got my copies today and it sure looks great. You order yours yet?


-TiGH- at: 6:52 PM said...

I'm super excited for this to come out - can't wait to read it!

Orlando at: 8:00 AM said...

Oh my god, it's finally there. It looks really sweet and I'm sure the content will even be twice as good (sorry Jock ;-))

Richard at: 12:31 AM said...

My retailer is smart enough to make sure I get mine.

Doesn't mean I'm not over-eager with anticipation.


Anonymous at: 12:58 AM said...

Just finish reading my copy. Great work Mr. Aaron and looking forward to Vol.3 and where these characters go from here!

Dave James O'Neill at: 12:44 PM said...

SONOFABITCH. Diamond didn't deliver to my store this week, Have to wait til next week.

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