If you're in Orlando, I want to see you...

At A Comic Shop on Wednesday. There'll be beer.


Anonymous at: 3:07 AM said...

Can't wait just a few more hours.

Anonymous at: 11:48 AM said...

so I know you'll remember me... you met a lot of people that day... But I had been awake for 40 hours... and I bout two $40 comics from ya... I almost missed spelled "from" so that it would have been "for" I thought it would have worked either way.

But really, do you give out your email to everyone who buys something? Why was I so speacial. Being a native... I didn't like your comic... but if you can tell I'm new to the whole reading comics thing , long story,

moving on,

but as a psudo intellect with an interest in graphic novel... I loved it... but really you should see some of the things they're saying about you out in indianz.com.... I just googled "scalped" in an act to remember your email, which i might add after six attempts to send test emails to see if any of them worked... and they didn't... and so on

moving on

i just found you when I googled your name... scary huh. well really do you know any indianz... what's the scoop?


P.S. So who am I to email you? this is the closest I can get to you.... never mind how that sounds... just really email me K


Jason Aaron at: 4:23 PM said...

I assume you're the young man I met at Planet Comicon a couple days ago who'd just come from a pow wow. I'm not sure I understand your message. You didn't like SCALPED, but you also loved it?

As far as critics of the series, I assume you're referring to Rob Schmidt, who's been a vocal critic of SCALPED since issue #1. Yes, I'm aware of Rob.

I don't believe I gave you my email address. I gave you the address to this blog, jasonaaron.info. But if you'd like to email me, I'm at jason@jasonaaron.info.


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