My Marvel Future

There's a new interview at Newsarama where I talk about my upcoming Marvel work, namely a four issue stint on WOLVERINE and the ongoing duties on GHOST RIDER. One thing I forgot to mention was that covers for my GHOST RIDER run will be by the amazing Marko Djurdjevic.

Here's the interview.

P.S. There's also some exciting news about SCALPED mentioned.


DavePress at: 12:30 PM said...

awesome, congratulations dude. Its giving me a reason to read Wolverine again.

Big Tom Casual at: 7:03 PM said...

Way to take everything over! With the rise of you and Matt Fraction (among other things) this has been one of my favorite years in comics for a long time.

Dan Coyle at: 9:26 PM said...

A Fleisher fan, eh? So am I!

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