More high praise for SCALPED

Andy Diggle says:
Do you miss PREACHER? I miss PREACHER.

I remember picking up the first issue and thinking, "Finally!" Finally a comic for people like me. Finally a comic for the regular guy in the street. Finally a comic I can show to my brothers, who love tough-guy movies as much as anyone but wouldn't piss on a comic shop if it was on fire.

(I've always been the black sheep of the family in that regard. If by "black" you mean "comic-reading" and by "sheep" you mean "nerd").


If, like me, you're gut-sick of comics being polarized between marketing-driven spandex continuity clusterfucks on the one side, and too-cool-for-school indie posturing on the other, you'll love SCALPED.

If you're into HBO or Tarantino or Scorsese or Eastwood or Peckinpah, you'll love SCALPED. It'll kick your ass hard and leave you coming back for more. And I'm not just saying that because my good mate Jock is rocking the covers.

SCALPED writer Jason Aaron doesn't just talk the talk - he's walking the walk too, putting his money where his mouth is by offering you a money back guarantee if you buy the first trade paperback collection SCALPED: INDIAN COUNTRY, and don't like it. But it's a pretty safe bet because, trust me, you're gonna want more.

Don't believe me? Download the first issue for free at DC, and once you hit that bitch-slap of a last-page reveal, you're gonna go pick up the trade to find out what happens next. Then head over to to see what guys like Brian K. Vaughan, Garth Ennis, Ed Brubaker and, hell, Playboy magazine are saying about the best new series in comics.

We need more comics like SCALPED. Buy it. Tell your friends. This is the good shit, and it deserves your support.

Brian Wood says:
SCALPED - I once said it was “perfect comics” (huh, just like the Italians!) and I meant it. Jason Aaron makes it look effortless. Even though I KNOW it’s not, all too well, he makes me believe it is, that his writing tumbles out of his head easily and beautiful on the first draft. It’s such a pleasure to read, all bad and dirty and nasty and sexy with dialogue like razors… and the art (ah, the art!)… Will Dennis, our mutual editor, wrote in an “On The Ledge” that you can see the dirt under the fingernails of the characters. Well, you can’t ACTUALLY see the dirt, but the art is so well executed that it makes you imagine you can. Why this isn’t a major, major seller is beyond me, especially with the logline “The Sopranos on an Indian reservation.” Anyway, as if anyone should need further convincing, Jason’ll give you your money back if you don’t like it.


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