SCALPED #11 in stores this week

It's the conclusion of the epic "Casino Boogie" arc, and it focuses on Gina Bad Horse, as she grapples with the secrets of her militant past.

Check it out and then come talk about it here.


Dan Coyle at: 11:59 PM said...

An excellent capper to the arc, Mr. Aaron. And more fine artwork by Guera. Ms. Bruscio's colors are great too.

The most surprising part? Red Crow telling Gina to chill out in the flashback. He just keeps surprising me...

Actually, I'd love to read an arc totally focusing on Red Crow's life between the murders and now.

Anonymous at: 10:38 PM said...

How much did you want this story to parallel Leonard Peltier Pine Ridge Shootout?

I like it. I guess it took the image of Lawrence before it became a crystal clear connection. I guess, I was under the assumption the reference was a bit more vague than it became in this issue.

Just curious. Either way, amazing issue. The Other Side and Scalped have been on top of my read piles for almost a year now. I also dug your Ft13th Mini.

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