Matt D at: 10:42 AM said...

Good luck navigating through all the Claremontian subplots.

Also, loved the Landau, Luckman, and Lake reference in Wolverine. That brought me back to 1995 way better than DC's Image House Style Art initiative.

Anonymous at: 4:09 PM said...

hey jason! i had an idea for your "where the hell am i" column.

as an aspiring writer it's tough to find artists to draw my stories. i search forums and comic websites constantly looking for people but it's tough to find people who will draw stories, and moreover won't flake out half way. also, it seems tricky to come to agreements with things like money and be able to make sure everyone's happy.

i remembered you wrote something about making sure you have contracts between the writer and the artist and how important that is. what type of advice would you give a new writer who doesn't have the paycheck to get a lawyer to sort these type of things out? thanks for everything,


Matthew Sitter at: 11:55 PM said...

You have the best job...

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