Add New York Comic Con... the list of shows I'll be attending this year. October 13-16. I am a "Spotlight Guest," which hopefully entails special privileges, like the right of primae noctis or something akin to diplomatic immunity.

New York Comic Con

This is me at a previous New York Comic Con, wishing I hadn't stayed up until dawn the previous evening. I still blame Jock.


Troy at: 2:41 AM said...

Jason, please tell me that you are listening to Custer by Johnny Cash today.

Jason Aaron at: 1:14 PM said...

Every day.

S.H.I.E.L.D boy at: 4:10 PM said...

Mr. Aaron, please invite Igor Kordey to do another work with you.
How about an espionage themed Black Widow story?

Scalped #50 was AWESOME!

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