Today I am writing

Though nothing as awesome as this:

Knee-deep in work today. Trying to finish up my second issue of a super-big super-secret new project. Look for an announcement soon, probably at Wonder Con.

It's Wednesday, so if you're going to the comic store look for PUNISHERMAX #11, the long-awaited conclusion to the "Bullseye" arc. It has blood and vomit and severed fingers and other such lovelieness.

Also, there's a new edition of my WHERE THE HELL AM I column over at CBR about how sometimes writing doesn't go as planned. It's called "Sometimes It Sucks," though hopefully the column itself doesn't.

Back to work now. Then a trip to the comic store. Then sleep and dreams of a new NFL CBA.

Image via Comics Alliance.


Deadman at: 9:22 AM said...

That Punisher issue was AMAZING. I don't even know if I want to know what Bullseye told Frank. Can't wait to see what's next.

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