As mentioned over on the Vertigo blog, SCALPED #50 will feature a couple of special stories,"one detailing the long bloody history of scalping and scalphunters, and the other spotlighting the founding of the Prairie Rose rez as seen through the eyes of Dash Bad Horse’s ancestor, His Many Bad Horses." The second story will feature several guest artists, including Dean Haspiel, Denys Cowan, Igor Kordey, Jill Thompson, Timothy Truman and more. Really excited about how this one is coming together. Stay tuned.


Esco at: 7:18 PM said...

Igor Kordey! Alright!

Swands at: 9:30 PM said...

This kills me, and yet I can't wait. Hats off to you, sir. Fifty more, at the least I hope.

Peter Palmiotti at: 6:52 AM said...

Great book Jason, and congrats on reaching 50 bloody issues!

S.H.I.E.L.D boy at: 11:01 AM said...

Glad to see Mr. Kordey drawing some pages of Scalped.

Any chances to see you working with him?


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