Here we go Steelers, here we go


Brian Cee at: 8:15 AM said...

Good game taking down NY, but Green Bay by a field goal in the Big Game. Should be one of the best in recent years, too.

Bob at: 8:58 PM said...

I'm not sure anyone can beat Green Bay right now. They look amazing, but, who knows how long that can last? I'm a Falcons fan & I was stunned (as was everyone else in the house) at how methodically Green Bay dismantled them. Good luck, Steelers looks like you're gonna need it. This should be a great Title game.

Anonymous at: 4:58 PM said...

I'm not predicting a winner. I just want a good game and to be able to watch Clay Matthews dig a spot in the ground which will be permanently marked with an image of Rothlisberger's face. And I want the Packers to win. They're a sixth seed in the Super Bowl and, therefore, still an underdog.

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