New Tattoo phase 2

new tattoo part 2, originally uploaded by Jason Aaron.
Badmouthing Alan Moore wasn't the only thing I did yesterday. I also did this. Or actually, tattoo artist Jessie Hopeless did it. I just sat and watched. And winced a lot.


Anonymous at: 7:52 PM said...

The interesting thing about this post, for me, is that it makes me examine what different people care about.

Of course, this is in light of the Alan Moore thing.

2010 was supposedly the year you stopped caring about Alan Moore. Maybe you never should have cared about him in the very personal way that you did. Because, you know, Alan Moore never cared about you.

And maybe it isn't wrong that Alan Moore never cared about you, or me, or many other people. Sure, his not caring says something about him being a grump. But on the other hand, his not caring about a lot of frivolous things or people who evidently aren't that close to him--maybe that makes some sense and isn't totally wrong. Why would he care about things that would just disappoint him?

Maybe he had the right idea in not getting sucked into the whole cult of personality thing. Other people insisted that he do so, but he refused and, in the age of Twitter, he refused even more. Is he an egotist? Sure, but not in the way that other writers are. Not in the "Give me the limelight!" kinda way. Alan Moore is less of an egomaniac than 99% of the self-obsessed, trivia-hungry comic writers on Twitter--that's clear as day.

Many Alan Moore fans cared too much. They want to care about everybody too much. They want to be friends. They want to "friend" everything to extents that aren't called for, to extents that don't make sense. Then they get upset when an object of their obsession does or says something that makes it painfully clear how totally phony and self-deceiving many of these one-sided long-distance relationships prove to be.

By the way, if you care: I don't agree with everything Alan Moore says. I think of a lot of times he's unfair. But when he comes to things he doesn't want to care about, I usually think he's right on.

What you want to care about is showing the whole world pictures of your beard, your hats and new tattoo. That's cool. I bet a lot of people care about seeing things like that. And all that says a lot about us as a people. And I cared enough to write this olique comment. That says something about me. And I hope and care that you don't take this comment as a total insult or whatever. was 2010 the year you stopped caring about Alan Moore, when it's 2011 and you cared enough to write a long rant/article about him?

See, it's really this whole fannish situation, not really Alan Moore, that's the problem.

drawmein at: 1:33 PM said...

Well... anyway... I like the tattoo man.



Ryan at: 1:06 AM said...
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Ryan at: 1:28 AM said...
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Ryan at: 1:29 AM said...

That's your opinion, Anonymous. I say that when Alan Moore states that no one could possibly be up to the task of carrying on his legacy he is certainly proving that he's egotistical. Saying that there are no quality writers in comics today is simply ludicrous and bloody rude.

Sure, Watchmen was wonderful and so was his run on The Swamp Thing but is he the best thing since out door plumbing? Not in my opinion. There are some fantastic "new" writers around nowadays. I rate Jeff Parker as one of the best dialogue writers in comics, Jason Aaron just writers wonderfully gritty ball tearing yarns, Neil Gaiman is a hauntingly beautiful and darkly comedic genius. If he doesn't read comics any more, how can he make such a blanket assertion?

Furthermore, writers like Marjorie Liu, Victor Gischler, Matt Fraction, Rick Remender and Paul Tobin are bloody great.

Alan Moore is entitled to his opinion just as we all are, so here's my opinion. Alan Moore can go fuck himself. Fuck him and his snake god.

Anyway, this post was about Mr Aaron's new tattoo, which looks great by the way.

Sorry, one last amendment. I've dealt with a few of todays writers and they have all be gracious and grateful for the fans. Without the fans, they're out of a job. It's not that they're sucking up or playing the game, it's just that most of them are thankful that the readers enjoy their work enough to not only pay their wage but also to praise their work. And why the hell wouldn't you be. Sorry but I won't pay to read someone's work if they are a wanker. I'd prefer to miss out on reading a good story than to give my money to a prick.

Thanks for your work Jason Aaron, you are an inspiration to me. I'm in no way rich but I'm happy to part with my hard earned to read your stories. You have personally inspired me to work on my own scripts.

Jason Aaron at: 9:08 AM said...

2010 was supposedly the year you stopped caring about Alan Moore. Maybe you never should have cared about him in the very personal way that you did.

Maybe you're right.

Jason Aaron at: 9:09 AM said...

Thanks, Ryan.

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