Talking GHOST RIDER at Newsarama

Yeah, I'm really proud of my run on Ghost Rider so far. I've brought in machine-gun toting nurses, redneck cannibal ghosts, mass-murdering ministers and zealots, warrior angels, nunchuck nuns, all new Ghost Riders from around the world, an all new Caretaker, former Ghost Rider Danny Ketch, a disgruntled, hook-handed ex-cop with a hellfire shotgun and a dude with a giant eyeball for a head. I'd say that's a pretty good start.


Azraelito at: 7:15 PM said...


from argentina, yeap you reach so far!!

Hats off to you in the two numbers of john constantine!!Excellent these two numbers reminds me a lot of the era of Delano, perhaps because of the story in newcastle, but the way you wrote it and the horrible things that happend to the people who want to make the documentary!!!

apart from that, the character that appears in ghost rider that is an eyeball, are you fan of the residents??

I never like ghost rider, for me was a character that was always with no very good writers, but I have to admit that your run has a lot of interesting things and that is why I am buying it!!

Keep the good work jason!!

saludos from argentina

ps: as always my english sucks!!

Chris Munn at: 7:34 PM said...

When I saw the solicitation for Ghost Rider # 34, this - -
is the first thing that came to mind.

Keep up the great work, Jason. This is the best Ghost Rider's been in close to 20 years.

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