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JM: So the challenge then becomes, I would guess, to make Wolverine titles “different” from each other.
Wolverine: Origins had the specific high concept of Wolvie, now with full memory, dealing with menaces from his past.
What’s this one?

JQ: This series is about “THE NEW.” Wolverine: Origins deals with his past—past villains, past relationships and how he deals with them in the present. In Wolverine: Weapon X, we see Wolverine going to new places, fighting new enemies and developing new relationships. Also, in terms of tone, it’s a much leaner, more stripped down version of Logan than in other titles. You won’t see Logan wearing yellow and fighting aliens in this book. We’re going for much more of a street level feel here. And from what I’ve seen so far, this series is really going to turn some heads.

Better than I coulda said it myself. Thanks, Joe. Full text here.


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