RIPCLAW update

Due to some sort of printing error, my RIPCLAW one-shot didn't make it to stores this week, but look for it next week. Or if you're at Wizard World Chicago this week, you can pick up an advance copy at the Top Cow booth and even get Tony Moore to sign the cover (tell him I sent you).

Check out the podcat for an advance review ("Kudos upon kudos upon kudos," they said of the book). And there's an interview with Top Cow editor Rob Levin and I at Comic Book Resources.


Joel at: 8:10 PM said...

ripclaw was good. got it in chicago, tony signed it.... that is all

Jason Aaron at: 9:11 AM said...

I hope it looks good. I haven't seen it yet.

Michael David at: 10:51 PM said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Michael Sims at: 11:02 PM said...

Jason: Des and I (of The Show) truly enjoyed Ripclaw! As we said on the show, we really, really, really hope this is one of the two books which become ongoings in 2008! Thank you for the wonderful reading experience!

Thanks to that book, I'm going to buy the first Scalped trade ASAP.

-- Michael David Sims

(Sorry, screwed up the last post.)

Jason Aaron at: 5:41 PM said...

Thanks for the review, Michael.

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