It's my first full-fledged superhero work, it's out today and I'm anxious to hear what people think.


Adam at: 5:49 PM said...

Once again: fantastic work. You sold me on a character I'd previously thought intensely lame.

Great condensed storytelling. When I finished that issue I went back and counted how many pages there were in the issue, and was absolutely AMAZED when it was the normal 22. The issue felt like a 40 page epic. Great characters, great action (none of it on screen! brilliant!).

One of the most satisfyingly complete one issue stories I've read in a long time.

Kudos once again.

Andres at: 5:50 PM said...

As I posted in the SCALPED director's commentary -- this issue was awesome. The scene with the reveal of "three hours later" was so insanely cool -- it blew me away. I definitely want to see it as an ongoing.

Looking forward to your Wolverine.

Jason Aaron at: 1:43 PM said...

Thanks, guys.

Here are a few other people who liked the book:

Silver Bullet Comics
Comic Vine

And here's my favorite bad review. I think I'm accurately quoting the guy when I saw he "wanted to throw shit at the book like a monkey":

This Week In Comics

Andres at: 8:07 PM said...

Regarding "This Week In Comics" Review --

Hmm... seems like he was going to hate the issue no matter what was in it. His animosity was definitely directed at the Ripclaw character more than the book itself. I wasn't familiar with Ripclaw, and you got me interested.

Have you read or seen any of the other Pilot Season scripts (or issues), or is that something creators don't really do?

Jason Aaron at: 10:20 PM said...

No, I haven't seen any of the other Pilot Season books. I'm looking forward to them though.

Jason Aaron at: 8:03 PM said...

Couple more good reviews:

Between the Staples

Rob at: 9:08 AM said...

Another negative review:

It’s just that in every way, it’s been done before. Even Aaron’s usually distinctive dialogue is watered-down action movie cliche, and thanks to a writing gimmick where all the action takes place off-panel and we only see the fallout, it’s like we got the weaknesses of that subgenre without any of the strengths. If you don’t mind the familiarity, the book has solid enough writing and art, but there’s nothing to make it stand out, which is presumably the goal of any pilot or first issue.

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