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With Emmett Furey at Comic Book Resources:
“For the most part, (SCALPED) will take place exclusively on Prairie Rose,” Aaron continued. “But we will get flashes of other locations at times, including an Indian boarding school in issue #7, a West Texas Kickapoo rez in #8 and Leavenworth Penitentiary in #11.” Aaron has also pitched to Serbian artist R.M. Guéra the possibility of the artist writing and drawing an issue flashing back to Dash's military tour in Kosovo. “Guéra and I have had a great relationship from the get-go, even though we're very different people. He's very passionate and animated. I'm much more reserved and laid back. Still, we always seem to be on the same page when it comes to ‘Scalped.' I couldn't imagine doing the book with anybody else.”

With Tim O'Shea at Silver Bullet Comics:
Guéra and I first really bonded over westerns, especially the books of Elmore Leonard and the film versions of Hombre and Valdez is Coming. And also the films of Sam Peckinpah. I was initially approaching Scalped as a straight crime story, and Guéra was looking at it as a modern-day western, so I think the finished product is somewhere in the middle, which works out perfectly.

And with Daniel Gaddy from my hometown newspaper, the Daily Mountain Eagle:
After UA, Aaron said he worked a “bunch of crappy day jobs,” the longest of which was at Johnny Ray’s Barbecue in Pelham. “I still miss that coconut cream pie,” he said.


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