SCALPED #6 out today

SCALPED #6 -- Final Version, originally uploaded by Jason Aaron.

SCALPED #6 is the first issue of a new six-part arc titled "Casino Boogie" which focuses on the night of our casino's grand opening, but each issue looks at the events from the perspective of a different character. First up, Dash Bad Horse. For Dash, it's a night of sex, shoot-outs, cryptic bathroom encounters, dead chickens and barbecue.

As usual, interiors are by R.M. Guéra and the cover's by Jock. On colors, we welcome aboard new recruit Giulia Brusco.


Adam at: 9:33 PM said...

#6 was fucking fantastic, man. Loved every panel of it, and Guera's art blew me away.

Nice Casablanca reference with "Put the chip on 22"!

Jason Aaron at: 10:53 AM said...

Thanks, Adam. Actually, that wasn't a conscious CASABLANCA reference, but I'll still take the credit.

RKelly at: 6:41 PM said...

I love your books, Jason. Your writing has been some of the most enjoyable of the year for me.
I'm done kissing up now. Keep it up.

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