WOLVERINE AND THE X-MEN #20 cover by Nick Bradshaw

I've been wanting that "Strangest Heroes of All" blurb for a while now. Looks nice, right?


dimitri at: 7:12 PM said...

Hi,Jason. I would like to say that your work in WATXM is amazing. You really brought back the heart that so much missed the last years on the X-men francise. Keep up the good work and don't listen to the CBR trolls. You are the writer of Wolverine so like Wolverine you have to never give up and continue to write the book for the next ten years or more.

Jason Aaron at: 8:54 PM said...

Thanks, Dimitri. I plan on being around for the long haul.

Anonymous at: 12:15 AM said...

What you're doing with characters like Warren, Bobby, and Hank,these classic characters, is completely fresh and awesome. It's great to see these characters can still vastly grow after a deep history. Keep up the amazing work.

Also,as a big fan of Colossus and Kitty you have me excited to see what Iceman and Kitty have going. That's how good you write.

What's next, cats and dogs living together? Bring em on.


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