A Note to X-Men Fans

I've had a lot of people on twitter this week calling me a monster. Even more than usual. For which I would sincerely like to say "thank you."

The angry words have all been in response to the ending of WOLVERINE AND THE X-MEN #18, which features something terrible happening to one of our characters. Never before have I been so excited to have so many people telling me to go to hell. Believe it or not, I actually found it all rather endearing. Because it means you care.

As WOLVERINE AND THE X-MEN prepares to begin its second year, I just wanted to take a minute to say how grateful I am to everyone out there who has embraced the series. The story of the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning obviously has a different sort of setting and tone than any X-Men book we've seen in a while. But I've been thrilled and overwhelmed by the response.

This is exactly the sort of comic I want to be writing right now. So thank you for allowing me to continue to do so.

WOLVERINE AND THE X-MEN has always been about change. About school and parenthood. About growing up. About family, both the good and the bad kind. And as with any sort of family drama, there will occasionally be upheaval. That's where we're at right now. As we enter the second year of the series, we'll see the cast of the book shaken up a bit. We'll see new mutants, both good and bad. New teachers. New villains. New romances. New rivalries. But also the continuation of all those character arcs already set in motion, from Quentin to Iceman, from Idie to Husk, from Krakoa and the Bamfs to the all-new Hellfire Club. Nothing that is happening now is by accident. It's all part of the overall story. And it's all leading somewhere. I hope you'll stick with us for the journey.

So thanks again for all the hate mail. I truly appreciate it. Thanks for caring so much about a new character. In the newest and most oddball of X-Men books.

As always, thanks for reading.


Mushroom at: 3:38 PM said...

I am one of the people who immediately went out on Twitter and probably expressed a desire to kill you. Now, I'm not saying I'm proud of what I did (even though it was totally justified) but I explain it with the fact that you made me care. This issue, not just the last couple of panels, was deeply disturbing.

I've bonded with the charachters who attend the Jean Grey School of Higher Learning, just to have everything I thought I knew crushed by a malevolent, talented writer. I am wholly convinced that you hate the people who read your book, a hate so strong it would make God himself cry. Combine that with the ability to write characters in a way that makes them genuinely interesting on several levels, and you have a sadist's most potent weapon.

You hate us. You hate me, that's true enough. But I'm willing to forgive that seeing as you also contributed to what has been one of my favorite comic books in years. So thank you, really.

UbuntuJess at: 3:50 PM said...

I have really enjoyed the hell out of your book. My only issues being that not a lot of my favorite characters are in it (two biggies being Sam Guthrie and James Proudstar). Despite that, I love your character-driven take, and look forward to more of it.

Also, Broo is on the covers of the next arc of your book (looking rather "savage", however), so I'm not worried. Likely he has some brood healing going on, but the area of his brain that creates his kindness and empathy will be damaged.

Rock on, Jason. Where you go, I will follow, my nose buried in your pages. (That sounded dirty, didn't it?)

metalworker06 at: 4:49 PM said...

Words don't properly express how much I love this title and the characters within it and everything your doing. Its amazing work sir please stay on the title for as long as possible.

Anonseed246 at: 11:04 PM said...

please stay on the book for five more years >:D<

williamfuentes.com at: 12:42 AM said...

I see where you are going with the story, and I like it. Keep up the good work, sir.

william fuentes

Tammy Hagon at: 9:59 AM said...

Thank you so much for not leaving this book during the Marvel NOW shuffle. Thank you so much for working alongside Rick Remender and Brian Michael Bendis, which established a strong sense of continuity to our books. I love that my favorite books matter so much and I love that my favorite character Wolverine is now a hero worth admiring. Thank you for turning Logan into a hero and a teacher. It was time for him to outgrow that anti hero nonsense that happened in the 90's.

Crowe at: 2:02 PM said...

The only redeeming part of this book was Chris Bachalo's artwork. I'm surprised that this series didn't get the boot during the reboot. From children running the Hellfire Club to the Frankenstein Circus, Wolverine and the X-Men has singlehandedly undermined 50 years of carefully crafted stories.

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