Avengers vs. X-Men War Journals

MTV goes behind the scenes of Avengers vs. X-Men. First episode below:


treysome at: 10:55 PM said...


treysome at: 10:55 PM said...
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GJKatzman at: 12:16 AM said...

Hey Jason,
Just thought you'd like to know I included one of your Wolverine fights in my latest feature "Wolverine's Best Fights." It would mean a lot if you could check it out and share your thoughts. Thanks.

Jonathan at: 6:41 AM said...

Hey Jason.

I really liked your issue of Avengers Vs X-Men.

I had a minor request if it was all possible. Are there any plans to flesh out your story thread with Seraph, Cassie Lanthrop, and Lynx? I was so happy when you brought Cassie Lanthrop and Lynx out of character limbo! Though I have to admit I feel a bit bad for Cassie since Logan pulled a one night stand on her.

I don't know how it works over at Marvel. But if they let you do a one shot or mini series about these characters I know I would pick it up. I hope to see them come back to be involved in Wolverine's life some more. It's almost like a "team Wolverine" squad and I have always liked that idea.

Again I'm loving your work on Wolverine and the X-Men. I know you must have your plate full, but the stories you are putting out for Logan are so good I can't help but want more. =)

Also please don't let Melita Garner get killed off. (Or even worse sent to character limbo.) It feels like Logan and her just met. =( I'm begging you! She is such a awesome character.

Your number 1 fan.

~Jonathan Echevarria

Jason Aaron at: 10:59 PM said...

Glad you like the return of Cassie and Lynx. They pop up again in Wolverine #304, my last issue. And yeah, I'd love to use them again. I'll just have to wait for the right spot.

Flavin at: 3:31 AM said...

Hey Jason,

I found Avengers vs X-Men issue 2 to be such a triumph of the event's concept. It had great character development and deep thematic considerations, even at such a whirlwind pace that the thrilling battle provided. I think you've really help elevate Marvel to high art with your work, and so I am enraged by some of today's reviews on popular websites that are negative since they seem so out of sheer ignorance of Marvel's past 10 or so years of material (Ign for example).

It frustrates me to no end especially since my scholarship revolves around raising appreciation for contemporary mediums like comics and I was curious how you felt about it. I'm consumed with fury at how these critics slander such great work, and wondered how the artist himself felt. I understand if your not at liberty to discuss it, but would really appreciate it.

Jason Aaron at: 11:23 AM said...

You can't please everybody. Glad you liked it.

Unknown at: 7:27 PM said...

I don’t get it. Rachel Summers was Phoenix back around X-Men 180-210 and no one made a big deal about it. John Romita Jr even drew those issues so he should remember who she is yet everyone else is pretty much ignoring her. You think with all the fuss people are making about it she would be the first person to have as a consultant because, you know, she was actually running around as the Phoenix not to long ago.

Jonathan at: 2:24 PM said...

Actually. Rachel and her Phoenix abilities are being revisited in the AvX Tie In issues of Secret Avengers.

kakey at: 8:24 PM said...

Loved Gambits cameo in "wolverine and the X-Men", will he have regular appearences in the book?

Jason Aaron at: 11:05 PM said...

Rachel is the main character in WOLVERINE AND THE X-MEN #12. As for Gambit, no plans for regular appearances, but with this series, you never really know who might be popping up.

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