By Michael Komarck. Beginning the "Stay Angry" arc. More info at CBR.


Roleplay Adventures at: 1:46 PM said...

Wow. That cover is amazing.

Yeghia at: 6:54 AM said...
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Yeghia at: 6:54 AM said...
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elijan at: 6:56 AM said...

Your run on the Hulk has been an embarrassment;
You should be ashamed of yourself.
I don't think i've read a worse series run in my 25 years of comic reading.
100 pages of garbage and we are at the climax of the 7 issue story arc? really? After the epic david, pak run - you are doing a "crank" story-line...??? a "crank" story with the Hulk? You are a creative right? You should be fired.
If you don't know how to write the hulk - don't!

Christopher David Rosales at: 1:38 PM said...

elijan, your kinds of hateful comments have no place on the internet or in life. I don't even know Jason, but I admire his work, and I know that most of us, excepting you, are doing our best at whatever we do.

Izzy at: 11:33 AM said...

Mr. Aaron,

I really don't know what to make of your run on the Hulk. Aside from details like the strane/unexplained portrayal of the Hulk's abilities (brain surgery?, impotence in facing Dr. Doom?) and a willful ignorance of the character's rich fictional history (Pak, David, Mantlo, etc.) the story is below subpar. There is no Hulk without Bruce Banner, simply. In the hands of a better writer, this opening arc could have been used to further explore the psychological underpinnings of Hulk/Banner. I have read your other books and know that you are capable of better plotted, more intelligent stories.

I have been reading the Hulk for 30 years. I will not be doing so for the foreseeable future.

Jason Aaron at: 11:53 AM said...

It would sure be a boring world if everyone always just wrote the exact same kind of story as the ones that came before. Or maybe that's just me.

Izzy at: 2:27 PM said...

Mr. Aaron,

I am not asking for a retread of old story arcs. As you rightly point out, that is boring for both the writer and reader. However, you are writing a pre-existing character with a substantial mythos. Acknowledging, or using some of that history, as a foundation or springboard for you own stories, can enrich a writer's creative endeavors. Past writers managed to do it, to great success. A story can be so "new" and diverge so much that the title might as well cease to be Hulk and be a character entirely of your own making. That would certainly allow for more artistic freedom, and less confusion for those who like some semblance of the character "Hulk."

Out of curiosity, are you a fan of the Hulk? If so, what are some of you favorite aspects of the character, favorite writers, arcs, etc.

Jason Aaron at: 4:18 PM said...

I assume you want me to say that no, I don't like the Hulk and have never read the series before. But that's not the case. I read pretty much the entirety of Peter David's run as it was coming out. And then I loved what Bruce Jones did, at least initially. That brought me back to the character.

Don't know what to tell you. I'm not going to try to argue you into liking the book. This isn't Peter David's Hulk or Greg Pak's Hulk. This is me trying to tell a very specific story that plays with the Hulk/Banner in a lot of different ways, ways that I don't think we've seen much of before. To me, it's still Hulk though.

Izzy at: 4:39 PM said...

Mr. Aaron,

That is not the case. I just didn't know if the character was one of your favorites or if Marvel asked you to write a character that is on your periphery, as you are a relatively new (and popular) writer in the company.

I don't mind different, and I'll certainly be interested to see what character dynamics you explore as your specific story unfolds. Perhaps I need to be a more charitable reader.
I appreciate you taking the time to respond.

Teacher Shawn at: 8:52 PM said...

Jason, I for one LOVE what you have done with the Hulk. I appreciate that you are not retreading what has come before. I just picked up the John Bryne Hulk Visionaries TPB as I remember reading early on that it was an influence. I have read Peter David, Bruce Jones, and some of Greg Pak's run. I like where you're taking Hulk and Banner. I'm happy to follow where you lead.

GreenScar90 at: 9:39 PM said...

Jason, please bring Paul Pelletier on as the main artist for the rest of your Incredible Hulk run. He's an excellent artist, one of the best and most under valued there is, and I believe your Incredible hulk series would garner more attention if he was the main artist for the series.

What do you think?

Please respond if you can, for I wish to hear your opinion.

Jason Aaron at: 12:58 AM said...

Sorry, no plans for Paul for do any work on Hulk. We have a pretty amazing selection of artists coming up for the next arc though.

GammaCosmic at: 11:53 PM said...

Jason as a consumer..could use plz work on getting a regular artist. brian ching..ferry staying on or even hardman. havent seen a good hulk and punisher feat since peter david. I am rooting for u..i want u to be mentioned with PAD and Pak. but that start with keeping a main artist on. And i am hoping u have the passion and drive to want to write hulk for three to five years. u have to cater to the consumer alittle.

GammaCosmic at: 12:05 AM said...

Dillon is leaving a sour taste..u cant really expect us to believe a great selection of artist with him starting off Stay Angry. comparing his work to gary frank, pagulayan, pellitier, dedeato jr, kubert. hulk fans have a bar for artist drawing hulk. Do u charge so much that marvel's budget for hulk is they cant afford a decent artist. most agree u can write..but the truly takes away fom that. man u had us when Marc came on..then poof gone. i was expexting atleast seven issues with him

GreenScar90 at: 12:31 AM said...

Jason Aaron,

I'm going to be honest and get right down to the point that me and Hulk fans want to make.

I must admit, I never thought that anyone could make me not want to buy an issue of Incredible Hulk. But you've managed to do that! You've degraded Hulk's power down to ridiculous levels and given us fans nothing but horrific writing and terrible artwork that's just criminal.

You're not doing Hulk any justice. In fact, you're not doing any favors for his fans in the very least. If you don't understand Hulk/Banner, then you shouldn't be writing these characters at all. You are not fit to write Incredible Hulk period. After your Stay Angry arch, it's best that you leave and never write Incredible Hulk ever again. We're not going to put up with you for a couple years, nor are we going to buy mediocre issues of the Incredible Hulk.

If you can't impress the fans with the first couple of issues, it's best that you leave. In other words, we don't want you writing Hulk for a couple of years. We want you gone before you do any more damage to our favorite character.

You will never be on Peter David or Greg Pak's level. And I honestly don't care if you like my/our opinion or not. You simply need to leave ASAP. And Marvel needs to get a writer who truly understands The Hulk and his power, along with the talent to write awesome storylines for him.

You've had 8 (9 counting the .1 issue) issues to try and please fans and non-fans alike. You failed and continue to spiral downward as each issue hits the stands. It is time for you, Jason Aaron, to leave. Begone. Beat it. Scram. GET THE F@$* OUT!!!

No hard feelings or anything, JA. This is just what my opinion and that of the Hulk fanbase is. If you refuse to achknowledge it, it will be your undoing as a comic writer. If you don't care about the fans, then you don't care about any of your work.

GammaCosmic at: 10:03 AM said...

Green Scar you do not speak for the whole Hulk fan base..the guys you mention aren't even Halls of Hulk worthy. I never see them post except in cartoon and movie section in the Marvel Message Rooms. I think JA is a good writer. And his Stay Angry Arc would be better if he had one decent artist drawing the whole thing. I wouldn't mind Ferry doing it all. But Marvel contracted him out already. He already stated on this site he had 12 issues done already. I believe Jason has no pull on which artist he gets..or he doesn't care. But so far Dillon is the worst to come along on a Hulk title. And do you think he cares that you want him gone. As soon as he said Paul Pelltier wasn't doing anymore work on Hulk you flipped. I like a good artist too. And Real Hulk fans collect Hulk...not pick and choose. I have a bunch of Hulk comics that are Pak's 600 run and Jenkins run. So calm the fuck down. Are you reading the story..then you will know Hulk doesn't know how in got in the situation he is in. Now I think Jason using Dillon was a mistake. Hulk throwing Humans through walls was not well excuted by Dillon

GreenScar90 at: 6:35 PM said...


No, I flipped out after reading garbage such as Incredible Hulk #7.1 & #8. Then I really flipped the fuck out when I compared Jason Aaron's work to that of the excellence that is Peter David and Greg Pak's work.

Oh? And I guess Hulk465, Gary Miller, Neno, Ratchet and countless others aren't die-hard Hulk fans? I can't understand why in the hell you like this garbage!

You seriously need to fucking wake up and smell the roses. Pak's run, even his later works, are far better than anything Jason Aaron has given us thus far, both in story and art.

You wouldn't know a good Hulk story if Hulk himself smashed your skull in. You praise Jason Aaron and Bruce Jones garbage... which is about all it is. I'll still collect Hulk issues. I even have a good portion of Bruce Jones garbage run, both in comic and TPB form.

If Jason Aaron doesn't care about the fans and their opinion, at least not a little, then he needs to get the fuck lost. And Marvel needs to hire a better writer for the Incredible Hulk.

You may not have the guts to do it and voice the overall voice of the fanbase, but I sure as hell am capable of doing it. I honestly believe that Matt Fraction or Brian Bendis would do a better job on Incredible Hulk, and I'm not a huge fan of them either.

Jason Aaron at: 1:13 AM said...

You wouldn't know a good Hulk story if Hulk himself smashed your skull in.

You need to go be an asshole somewhere else, pal.

And here's an idea. If you hate it so much, stop fucking buying it. Go spend that money on something you actually enjoy, and save us all the fucking misery.

Steve at: 10:55 AM said...

Sorry, I just had to ask...

The Hulk is bulletproof, right? So how did needles of heroin penetrate his skin?

I just...seriously...I have no idea what I am reading.

Loved your PunisherMax run, it was brilliant. But this "Stay Angry" arc...I can't buy these anymore. It's sad, really.

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