Aviles Photo Recap Part 1

Just got back from the 16th annual Jornadas de Comic de la Villa de Aviles, an amazing comic book festival in the town of Aviles, in the north of Spain. I have much to say about this show and my time there. For now, here are some photos.

Welcome to Aviles, Spain

The town square
I have never been to a comic show quite like this one.

On the left, Diego Cruz, the show's official translator. On the right, Jorge Ivan Argiz, who started the show 16 years ago.

This is what a comic con looks like in Aviles.

As part of the festival, there was a huge exhibition of R.M Guera's work.

Early advertising work by R.M. Guera.

More advertising work by R.M. Guera.

Covers for Spanish EL COYOTE novels by R.M. Guera.

From R.M. Guera's HOWARD BLAKE graphic novel.


Samurai covers by Guera.

The wife and I with Jorge.

Signing for fans.
The first of many new friends I made in Spain.


John Kennon at: 2:43 PM said...

I'm glad you had a good time. Looks like a hell of a beautiful place.

Baron Delceur at: 11:51 PM said...

Can't wait for your next post about your experience at this Con!

Jorge Iván Argiz at: 3:01 PM said...

Wonderful memories for me en each photo you posted. thanks, my friend!

Matías at: 12:11 PM said...

Lobezno??!!! They still use that in Spain? I thought they had started using "Wolverine" like the rest of the spanish-speaking countries. By the way, "Lobezno" means something like "wolf cub".

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