Sounds in My Head -- 9/1/11

"We do our best to avoid the law, in the dry counties of Arkansas." ♫


damnyoujasonaofkansas at: 1:19 AM said...

i cant believe you went the elekrtra banging the kingpin storyline over the taskmaster or any other obscure characther you have been digging up. # disappointed

Anonymous at: 2:43 PM said...

I’m actually digging it and the fact that The Hand have too much respect for The Punisher to put a hit out on him (or at least that’s what they’re saying now).

I still think you should do a Punisher Year One type story. Frank could have easily put on a mask like everyone else, sure would have made his job easier, but he doesn’t want to hide. He wants his targets to see his face before he sends them to Hell. This is why Spiderman, Wolverine, and other Avengers are nervous around him. He’s just a guy with guns but he has that effect on people.

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