New Tattoo

Phase One of my new octopus, courtesy of the amazing Jessie Hopeless. And before anyone asks, yes, I know there are only seven tentacles. We didn't have time last night to fill in the last one.

Something is trying to escape from under my sleeve...


Dan Hill at: 5:15 PM said...

Nice ink!

I really like nautically themed tattoo's. Any plans to have it worked up into a sleeve etc?

I went with something a bit more predictable for mine (still not finished)

Looking forward to seeing the finished product so to speak.

Jason Aaron at: 6:41 PM said...

Very nice.

I may eventually get a sleeve, I don't know. Got a couple things I wanna get on the other arm first.

Brian Cee Williams at: 11:21 AM said...

Some color'd be nice, some blues and greens is what I'd go with. Last time I went into a shop to get some work, the guy quoted me $200 to do 64th I character, better known as that line thingy Snake-Eyes and Storm Shadow's symbol.

I agree with Dan, though; a nice sleeve and a whole aqua scene would set it off.

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