Axel Alonso on the return of PUNISHERMAX

"PunisherMAX" resumes in February 2011, with Jason Aaron and Steve Dillon back in full swing. The series has been on hiatus because Steve had a personal crisis to deal with that, along with his work on "Ultimate Avengers," proved to be too much even for the superhumanly prolific Steve Dillon – and we decided it was worth waiting for him. The team's chemistry is too special and "PunisherMAX" is too important a book to our line – we couldn't abide the thought of a fill-in artist. So this February it will be coming back strong. It's unfortunate we had to take that break, but judging from the amount of people out there pining for its return, we're optimistic it will come back strong and ship monthly.

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Anonymous at: 4:46 PM said...

hey jason, can you do a WHERE THE HELL AM I? on the relationship between an editor and a writer and how that works when you're actually writing a book? i think to some readers it can be a very vague, ambigious job to edit a book. i think most people dont even look at whos editing it and think just the writer and artist matter.

anyways, i think it would be really cool. thanks.

Jason Aaron at: 11:01 AM said...

That's a really good idea. Mind if I use your question in the column?

Anonymous at: 12:10 AM said...

hey jason. sorry i just saw your comment now, and obviously i dont mind if you use my question in the column. thanks a ton for actually writing the column and answering my question, it helped out a lot. im hoping to write comics for a living one day and your column has helped me learn a ton about different parts of the industry, things i dont see anywhere else.

right now, im working a lot on the "don't suck" part and writing pretty much everyday. hoping to move towards wooing an editor very soon.

thanks again for everything.

Jason Aaron at: 9:41 AM said...

Thanks for reading, Jared. And good luck.

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