Where the Hell Am I?

Where the Hell Am I?

Icon for my new column at CBR, "Where the Hell Am I?" which starts this Wednesday, September 8th.


Jonathan at: 4:50 PM said...

all i want to do in life really is to write comics. i have a BA in communications, but i've been wandering through crappy jobs where I work side-by-side with high school drop outs. to say i've pretty much given up my dream of writing comics is a bit of an understatement. seeing that someone as successful and talented as you has been in the same position fans the flames of that little ember that still lives inside me.

drawmein at: 9:42 PM said...

Jason... loved the article on CBR. Can't wait for the rest dude.

Benjamin H Bailey at: 9:59 PM said...

Great column. I can't wait to read it each week. Fun stuff.

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