New Mailing Address

I finally remembered to get a new post office box. I lost the old one I had after I kind of forgot to pay the bill for a few months. If anybody needs to send me anything, including Godzillla toys, beer, live rattlesnakes, French pastries, French ticklers or large denominations of American-made money, send it here:

Jason Aaron
P.O. Box 8538
Prairie Village, KS 66208-0620


Brian Cee at: 11:19 AM said...

Don't have any of the requested items other than the beer; look for a regionally brewed ale at your local P.O. soon. I figure I owe you one for SCALPED's "Dead Mothers" that I just read couple days back.

Anonymous at: 9:13 AM said...

I too don't have any items to send you via post, but did want to share this link with you, as it reminded me of Scalped. Not sure if you've seen his work or not, but this photographer is pretty amazing:
Also, Mother Jones just ran an article about a "fist for hire" on an Indian Reservation. Might be worth your visit too.

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