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  • 05:28 Did my first ever book signing in my home state of Alabama. (Insert your own joke here) #
  • 21:50 West memphis: we didn't invent the pothole, we just perfected it #
  • 17:35 Notes from the road -- West Memphis: Like driving on the moon, only with more hookers. #
  • 17:37 West Memphis: Great place for a feller ta get tugged on. #
  • 17:38 West Memphis: Elvis once pissed here. #
  • 17:38 West Memphis: Steve Earle used to love it here. #
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Doop at: 3:03 AM said...

I have a question about your "Get Mystique" storyline. Were either Cyclops or Wolverine aware of how Mystique's main goal in "Messiah Complex" was saving Rogue's life?

Jason Aaron at: 12:41 PM said...

All Cyclops and Wolverine know is that Mystique plays by her own rules. Yeah, saving Rogue was part of her plan, but to do that, she betrayed the X-Men to the Marauders, shot Rogue and was willing to kill a newborn baby that may be the key to the future for all mutants.

jifj at: 1:10 PM said...

"...i'm gonna go to west memphis and look for my joy
go to west memphis and look for my joy
maybe in west memphis I'll find my joy
maybe in west memphis i'll find my joy"

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