Preview of GHOST RIDER #26

It's in stores today, along with SCALPED #20. Ask for them by name. And also check out the first issue of G. Willow Wilson's excellent new Vertigo series, AIR. You won't regret it.


daniel harvey at: 11:23 PM said...

Jason, I have to tell you how much I'm loving your run on Ghost Rider. I've always appreciated how surreal the original series was compared to other "super-hero" comics on the stands. You've taken that quality like a bull by the horns and really made it your own in such a short time.

Any idea when the first tpb will be out for your run?

Jason Aaron at: 11:25 PM said...

Thanks, Daniel. The first trade has just been solicited for November.

daniel harvey at: 12:00 AM said...

Fantastic. Glad to hear it. Tan Eng Huat is turning in the work of his career on the title too. Really top notch work. Seems like he's tweaked his normal style to tap into an Creepy vibe.

Ben H. at: 5:48 PM said...

Excellent work as always Jason!

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