SCALPED #15 In Stores This Week

SCALPED #15 -- Final Version, originally uploaded by Jason Aaron.

Dash shoots things and gets slapped. Plus eye torture, arrowheads, Carol behind bars and a special appearance by BATMAN.


Dan Coyle at: 11:32 PM said...

The scene where Red Crow clocked Dashiell was awesome. Bravo, guys.

James at: 1:00 AM said...

Well done, good sir.

I look forward to #16.

Matthew at: 10:08 PM said...

The end hit me like a ton of bricks. Great tie/synergy back to the flashback at the beginning. I buy 25 titles a month and Scalped is probably the best thing going. You are outdoing even Bendis, Brubaker, Ellis, Fraction, Johns, Kirkman, Vaughn, Whedon, Willingham and Wood right now on this title.

(Guera is a big part of it too, obviously)

Thank you.

If this title gets canceled like too many of the quality tv shows and comics I love seem to, I swear I'll feel like scalping someone...

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