My Life This Week

Watched the very last episode of THE WIRE and was thrilled to my core that it was so amazing and so totally satisfying.

Bought tickets for my wife and I to see Steve Earle in concert.

Turned in an issue of GHOST RIDER that I just know is going to make some fans hate me.

Watched Adam West fighting the shark from the BATMAN movie with my two year old son (He loved it, but not as much as he loves the theme song from the 60s SPIDER-MAN cartoon).

Found out that James Ellroy's next book in the "Underworld USA" trilogy comes out this summer (NEW ELLROY! NEW ELLROY!).

Hung out with the lovely people of the KC/St. Louis comic scene at Hurley Con in Joplin. Also met lots of fans and signed lots of books.

Bought a couple of George Carlin CDs.

Watched a documentary called FUCK.

Picked up copies of my new WOLVERINE issue at Elite Comics (Issue #63, in which Logan visits Kansas City, does shots, gets shot and gets slapped by a nun).

Didn't get enough sleep.


Anonymous at: 9:56 AM said...

Hi Jason,

Will you be at New York Comic Con this year? If so, are you doing any signings?


-- Alex

Jason Aaron at: 9:59 AM said...

Yes, I will definitely be at the New York con this year, and I will certainly be doing signings, though I have no idea yet what my schedule will be. I'll post it here on the blog as soon as I have it. See ya there.

Pete C. at: 5:25 PM said...

I read somewhere that the Ellroy book is titled "Blood's a Rover" -- but I thought that was a title Ellison used in connection to his "A Boy and His Dog" stories. If the title's true, then I'm curious to see if there's a connection...

Dan Coyle at: 11:47 PM said...

"that I know will make some fans hate me."

Perhaps because it features a character whose last name rhymes with "retch"? ;-)

Mike Reisinger at: 7:19 PM said...

Hey Jason,

First off, I just want to say that I love your work. I bought the first issue The Other Side on a whim when it first came out. It's not often i pick up a book from an unknown creator on a whim, but something about the book was just calling out to me. Long story short, you're now my favorite "up and coming" writer. Scalped is now one of my favorite ongoings and all of you're other work has been gold. at this rate you'll soon be in the ranks of morrison, ellis, and ennis for me.

Now that I'm done being a gushing dork, I noticed in the solicitations for june that you're writing a two part arc for Hellblazer. It goes without saying that i was excited to here this news, but I've also been absolutely loving what Andy Diggle has been doing with the book. So, what i want to know is: is this just a guest spot (fill in sounds so derogatory to me) or is Diggles run done?

Jason Aaron at: 8:18 PM said...

Thanks, Mike. Yeah, the two part Hellblazer story is just a guest spot. I love what Diggle's doing too.

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