SCALPED announced at WWC

My newest Vertigo project, an ongoing series titled SCALPED, was announced this past weekend at Wizard World Chicago. It's a crime series set on a modern day Indian reservation in South Dakota, and basically it's about the bad things that can happen when you take the poorest region of the United States and you add a multi-million dollar casino and all the corruption that goes along with it. Covers are by Jock (THE LOSERS) and interior art comes courtesy of European sensation R.M. Guéra.

Check out these interviews for more info:

Comic Book Resources: "Jason Aaron Cuts Close with SCALPED"

Wizard Universe: "Vertigo Heads to Indian Reservation for SCALPED"

And check back here later this week for some special preview pages.


Philip A Moore at: 9:12 PM said...

I will really look for ward to reading this series it sound like tony hillerman with more of a bite so any news when it should be published other then this winter?

is the series a who dunit, A how done it or precedural? just wondering

good day.

Jason Aaron at: 10:16 PM said...

As far as I know, the first issue is still scheduled for December.

No, it's not a procedural. The murder mystery is just one part of the series. It's really about this whole tangled mess of crimes taking place on the Rez, all centered around the new casino.

Hope you like it.

ballawax at: 1:37 PM said...

Jason you're the SHIT! But I'm the best video manager in Kuwait. Yes, you have to catch up to my international status now.

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