The Vietnam War in Comics: BLAZING COMBAT

As part of my research for writing THE OTHER SIDE, I've been reading tons of Vietnam War comic books, both old and new, good and bad. One of the first and the best was Warren's short-lived BLAZING COMBAT magazine. Unfortunately, the Vietnam War segments of this anthology proved too inflammatory for audiences in 1966, and the series lasted just four issues. Most all of the stories were written by the late, great Archie Goodwin and drawn by such luminaries as Gene Colan, Russ Heath, Alex Toth and John Severin. These days, the original issues of BLAZING COMBAT command high prices, but back in 1993, Apple Comics reprinted the stories in two volumes, and those are a lot easier to come by. The above image is the cover to BLAZING COMBAT #3, painted by Frank Frazetta.


Splendid_IREny at: 12:30 PM said...

Hey, bubba!

Excellent. Porn distributor sounds so...official.

I gave you my blog address, right?

It's Splendidfilth.blogspot.

Later, Mel

laffingman at: 10:46 AM said...

Hi Jason,

I heard about this comic just this week and for some reason I got it confused with American Virgin, I don't know why. I also can't find where I heard about it. Any ways can i just say that i am really looking forward to this comic coming out.

Keep up the posting.

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