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Had a few new projects announced recently, including at San Diego Comic Con. This is what I'll be working on for the foreseeable future. Needless to say, I'm pretty damn excited about the whole crazy line-up.

Marvel's first new Star Wars series, with art by John Cassaday. Coming in January 2015. Star Wars... the whole original cast of characters... lightsabers and X-wings... Vader... holy crap. Still can't get believe that this one is really happening.

As seen on The View. Yes, The View. The new Thor series kicks off in October, featuring an all-new hammer wielder, as drawn by Russell Dauterman. Enough has been written and said about this one at this point. I'll just say check out THOR GOD OF THUNDER #25 which serves as the bridge between the two series.

A new creator-owned project, by me and Ron Garney, coming in October from Marvel's Icon imprint. This is probably the darkest crime series I've ever written. But also the one that's been the most directly inspired by my own family history.

My ongoing Image series with Jason Latour rolls on. Issue #4 will be out soon, wrapping up the first arc. Thanks to everybody who grabbed up the exclusive t-shirts we were selling at Comic-Con. Those of you who weren't there, stay tuned. You'll have your own chance to wear your Bastard pride soon enough.


Michael Sorrentino at: 9:54 AM said...

I only wish you were still working on Wolverine and the X-Men and Amazing X-Men. In an ideal world I assume you'd have kept writing both X-Men titles and taken on Star Wars. Sadly, we don't live in that world though.

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