The Three Thors

A variant for THOR GOD OF THUNDER #1 using Esad's original character designs. THIS ISSUE HITS STANDS NEXT WEEK! Begin brewing your mead now.


San at: 11:53 PM said...

Tis on tomorrow. Looking forward to r, Jeading your stories, Jason. I have a full tankard of Mead in hand right now. Now where's my battle axe...

Spider42 at: 1:43 AM said...

Hey Jason, loved your comics ever since I first read Scalped and your early Wolverine work and you've really done a consistently great job in all your Marvel work since.
I was a little on-the-fence with recent Hulk stuff, but you've blown right back up to awesome with your new Thor issues and the Wolverine book is still rocking it.

R.Eiji Hernandez at: 11:51 AM said...

As a devout fan of Scalped, I couldn't wait to pick up God of Thunder. I cannot express how awesome I have found your first two issues. I have implored many of my customers to pick it up and the reception has been incredible. Thank you for your continued excellence!

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