THOR: GOD OF THUNDER coming in November

As was officially announced today, I'm the new writer on THOR: GOD OF THUNDER, which kicks off in November. For details, check out the following interviews:

Oh man, am I having fun with this one. And Esad Ribic is going to melt your brains.


Man Without Fear at: 10:33 PM said...

Your plan for the book does sound interesting and engaging for the reader. I can't wait for the first one where he's with Vikings and during the age of Vikings in midgard. Esad Ribic always has beautiful art and his covers are going to be amazing. SCALPED is ending this month so it'll be good to pick up another title of interest that you're writing. I'm highly excited and I'll try out the first arc of the book

Jake Marley at: 2:12 AM said...

I'm in. Sounds like a helluva ride.

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