Time Lapse Video of Free Comic Book Day 2012 at Star Clipper

Star Clipper in St. Louis is one of the finest comic shops in the country. Their Free Comic Book Day was an absolute madhouse. The good kind of madhouse. They had live music, huge stacks of free books, and as you can see, long lines of fans. Plus a bit of me in there somewhere. Helluva great day.


Jonathan at: 4:35 PM said...

Hey Jason! Would you ever be interested in hooking Domino and Wolverine back together? I am a huge fan of the X-Force Sex and Violence mini series. I was wondering if you enjoyed that little mini series as well.

drawmein at: 12:58 PM said...

Nice looking store.

Roleplay Adventures at: 5:20 AM said...

Hey Jason I posted a link to your blog on our Wolverine Files Facebook page. Check it out. Link: http://www.facebook.com/wolverinefiles

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