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Our latest Marvel creative retreat was this week, where a bunch of us writers come to New York and sit in a room with our editors and publishers, and for three days straight we all talk comics and make fun of each other. While I can't tell you exactly what was talked about, I can say with confidence that this retreat was more jam-packed with awesome ideas than any retreat I've ever been to. I always come home from these things fired up to get back to work. After this one, even more-so.

Among the things I'm working on right now are AVENGERS VS. X-MEN and its tie-ins issues of WOLVERINE & THE X-MEN. I'm happy with the momentum we've all got going on X-MEN right now, so trust me, I'm very conscious about trying to maintain that during the tie-in months. Our story will not suddenly stop and be replaced but a bunch of crossover stuff that has no connection to what I was doing before. It will all flow together, including in some ways you might not be expecting.

As always, thanks for reading.

The other big highlight of the week for me was dinner at David Chang's momofuku ssäm, where thanks to C.B. Cebulski, a bunch of us gorged on a ridiculous spread of duck, steak, fish, pork buns and spicy sausage. Over dinner I told Remender and Hickman why I think Session 9 is awesome and Christopher Nolan not so much. I also extolled the virtues of Exorcist III but I'm not sure I won them over quite like the pork buns did.

David Chang, I think I love you.


kakey at: 8:46 AM said...

Hi, any plans for Gambit to turn up in WATXM, does he feature much in AVX?

Jason Aaron at: 12:00 PM said...

Sorry, no plans for Gambit on my part.

Jeremy Forbing at: 6:28 PM said...

Just commenting that I have had the exact same experience trying to sell people on the virtues of the relatively unknown Exorcist III. There is a moment in that film-- and you know which one I am talking about-- that is among the creepiest in any horror movie ever made. Scared my little brother and I literally out of our seats when we snuck out to the TV to watch it after bedtime. Keep preaching the gospel, brother.

Roleplay Adventures at: 6:28 AM said...

Are there any plans to have Daken mentioned or show up in Wolverine and The X-Men ?

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